Reuben B Griffin


Reuben B. Griffin is a Licensed Ordained Minister and Marriage Family Therapist concentrating in pastoral counseling, individual and family psychotherapy. Reuben has operated in several therapeutic venues such as Potomac SDA Conference, Madison County Mental Health, Valley View Nursing Facility, Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching Center, Changing Lanes Christian Wellness Ministries and Counseling Center, and has approximately 18 years of counseling experience.

Reuben is a graduate of Oakwood University and Alabama A & M University with a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. In addition, Reuben is a Certified Rational Emotive Spiritual Therapist, with Specialties in Drug Selected Anatomy & Physiology, Stress Therapy, Counseling Methods & Techniques, Spiritual Counseling, Drug Abuse Identification & Classification, Forensic Counseling Specialty, and Elderly Specialty. Moreover, he specializes In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and rational Emotive Spiritual Therapy (R.E.S.T.) and has several areas of proficiency such as anxiety, substance abuse, loneliness, anger, guilt, inferiority and low self -esteem, grief, pre-martial counseling, martial problems, Spiritual Issues, addictions, middle age crisis, the later years of life, choosing a marriage partner, singleness, financial counseling, men issues .

Reuben methodologies and techniques is a holistic approach dedicated to providing Christ centered biblical based life enhancing strategies to support people in making successful life changes and adjustments. He believes that counseling attempts to provide encouragement and guidance for those who are facing losses, or disappointments. He believes that through his counseling, different techniques, and interactions through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit it can stimulate personality growth and development; help people cope more effectively with one another and assist persons whose life patterns are self-defeating and causing unhappiness. He believes that his techniques and theories are the imparting gifts of Pastoral cares, Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Psychotherapy which seeks to bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and help them find forgiveness and relief from the crippling effects of sin and guilt. It is his ultimate belief and Christian hope that will help others to become disciples of Christ and disciples of others.